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Committees and Topic Synopses

After a grueling process of research, writing, and review, we're proud to present the Topic Synopses for HBHSMUN's Novice 41 Model United Nations Conference!  You'll notice:

  • All synopses make use of a standard format, making it easy to find content and even easier to read through
  • A case study is included with most synopses, to help you connect broad topics to real world solutions
  • Every Dais is reachable through a special email address.
  • All of our work is cited and available for you to use in your own research through our "Endnotes" section ("Works Cited" in some synopses)
Note:  If you're using Google Chrome, please uncheck "Fit to Page" in the print menu to ensure a correct print

Please click on any committee below to access the Topic Synopsis!

General Assembly

Economic, Social, Development


Security and Specialized

Have questions about your topics?  Email your Dias Chairs!