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Surf City 2020 Committees

Surf City 2020 Scoresheets

   General Assembly  


The Crisis in Hong Kong, Cyber Security in the Baltic States

Chairs: Amy Zeng, Katie Park, Jazmine Benson


Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, Maternal Healthcare in Developing Regions

Chairs: Lucian Lee, Olivia Arguello, Chris Yee

4th SPD

Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, UN Peacekeeping Reform in the African Continent

Chairs: Natalie Mahgerefteh, Claire Smith, David Goodheart

6th Legal

Eliminating International Terrorism, Climate Change in Relation to International Law

Chairs: Gabby George, Alex Hill, Cristina Stewart

             Economic, Social, and Development            

India Sri-Lanka Fishing Dispute, Antimicrobial Resistance
Chairs: Anthony Sanchez, Nic Roels, Matthew Baumgartner

Applications of Nuclear Technology, Strengthening Safety of Nuclear Facilities
Chairs: Conrad Walt, Maci Aranda, Matthew Pugh

Organ Trafficking, Domestic Abuse of Women and Children
Chairs: Kristina Simitian, Bella Macapinlac, Laurel James

Eradication of Human Torture, Artificial Intelligence in Warfare
Chairs: Rose Kazempoor, Julia Tran, Gisell Gochman

Safety for Women in Post-Conflict Zones, Women in Positions of Power
Chairs: Matariya Rattanapan, Chanel Nejad, Iris Clark
Access to Abortion, Yellow Fever
Chairs: Lauren Harvey, Artemis Tran, Hunter Ruebsamen

Desertification of the Sahara, Noise Pollution
Chairs: Olivia Ooms, Nate Ling, Yazzie Suleiman

Environmental Refugees, Indigenous Refugees
Chairs: Amanda Piring, Sean Sterbentz, Sydney Rincon

Child Malnutrition, Anti-Vaccination and Children's Health
Chairs: Katrina Jensen, Rachel Davies, Grace Lane

Aid Dependency, Illicit Wildlife Trafficking
Chairs: Chidera Anthony-Wise, Tina Soroudi, Savanna Starks


Security Council and Specialized

Terrorism in the EU, Cybersecurity in the EU
Chairs: Ben Fox, Jake Kustra, Graham Cope
Libyan Slave Trade, Border Disputes in the Western Sahara
Chairs: Nadia Kazempoor, Daniel Izmirian, Chris Bertels
Sahel Crisis, The Situation in the DPRK
Chairs: Kyle Duong, Claudia Perez, Michael Rubly

Security Council #2

Crisis in Venezuela, Conflict in Yemen

Chairs: Amena Martinez-Smith, Alana Johnson, Summer Balentine

French Revolution
Chairs: Sierra Green, Elaina Davey, Duy Nguyen, Evan Wood

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